Defence Form Restructured Metrical-Matrixes of Indoctrinated Installed Iteration.

In terms of reforms the geophysical wave form platform actions of geographical pattern structures. You know those small lines with dot matrix make ups of pattens recognition for graphics on a geographic poising?

The Brian does this slowly showing the pattern of thought that we talk say or do in terms of us reforming our lives to know who we are to be! The theory of synaptic nerve pattern wave growth isn’t what we know. Some take minutes others years and for those who are lost to the new neural networking of their minds cognitive recognition. Well needless to say…..

We’ve structured our lives with pacific perspective the thought or deity that to acknowledge our lives with issue is justifiable coordination. Whiffle?

The dart board structure of proverbs is a target and a form of protection for our minds to grow sharp and to have something to aim for other than our most precious perimeters. Those things we choose to deflect due to the theory that the projections of the past are excitant of the future pemmican.

The minds of the merit of mass Medusa’n mediocrity is the premise of the lack of the persistence of the presents ability to press forward with a new idea for the he does and the her did of the whole corroborated cooperative.

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