The Fort-Night of Fort -Right The Bright Light & the Fortress of Ballyclare.

Two weeks I’ve spent between the city and the town of Ballyclare in sweet harmony without much but care. The time in swaddled clothing, naked preparation and baths of temperature gauged elbow flair, that was fond in memory, the sterile stringent conditions couldn’t be considered due to to true gift of comfortable comparison of the attendees doing their job in thorough-fair. Those fond feelings of proper processing people were real & reciprocated with reverence. Laughs & giggles & jested jibes. The oohhhs the ahhhhs & the surprising gasps of me being, well me.


Me a newly born being in a shared hospital room shifted from place to place, room to room until triumphantly within a few weeks, I arrived in a small town in Ballyclare. I was born again a few weeks later once I’d arrived home in my house to my family as I know them now. My mother as she knew me was as oberressed with the presence I’d commanded from the youngest of ages.

If a house holds people & people hold their ideas and the premised attitude of being in their lives then a head holds hearts and that’s where my life ended. Born a healthy baby at the age of less than one I had an unfortunate beginning as my family didn’t want me & those that did wanted “Something Else”. My head had a premise & that idea was real. There is but “something else” seen by some, heard through others & unspoken with everyone else & bayed for me that did. Sinister, dark, decelerated. Chauvinistic in nature, braying with splattered and uncouthed dark liquidity secreted serum of seclusionary sentiment . If the writings on the wall then it’s always been there and the tale of the uptake isn’t known until your alive with the knowledge of sense.

“Character Dictates Devotion & Dedication Defines our Lives.”

Town-Hall beginnings strained with family arguments of fathers, wives fathers decorum. Engulfing & enraptured was I with Beings of genius, Beings of Raconteur, Beings of declaration, beings of the knowledgeable intelligence, beings of smartness, beings of coral, and Beings beyond what one person should ever have to house nor never need know about.

The Ballyclare TownHall, Antrim, Newtownabbey, Borough Council. Northern Ireland.

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