The highest endeavours are the most meaningless inductions.

When the equation of anodised devoured devices are devastating to our culture the world seems poor to know that people are no longer an imprint of their persona, no…? They that know who they are due to face-timed themed gatherings with their family in pictorial pitiable pleasure are no longer less taken than those who once knew who you were. As in life, the river we believe of an ever-flowing, is & always will be an autocratic controversy for the correction of the new stimulus of structure. On our faced patterns we have to build our perspective in person with our most personal people. Choosing who are new castings be is more relevant now than ever.

Starting with my face in a once began timed themed pictogram for the view of my ideas is the only way for me to begin my new year & with the ability of people who are being able to help with serviced endurance & bursary is a congressional positioning. Collections of collaborative work & experience are included entirely. As is the funding idea with prospectivities. Patented prints of my face over lapped with conveyance and overlaying of graphics is an idea I’ve had for longer than I can imagine.

To begin, Library’s in & around an//other town’s on vista Isle Northern Ireland/Ireland.


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