Restructure of Formulation it’s Stasis and Presence in the Studio.

The cuneiforms of correction & condominium.

When presented with the present of a presentation for preparation we look to technology as a substitute for an idea of structure. If we can’t lean to find our provocations in the people we depend on then we lack our defining dedications. Counting on people to secure an i’rresponce doesn’t determine if we need them or their duties. Some things are an necessity and with every excess comes a bounty to be fulfilled. If I take my time in doing well what I know to be easy and cause worthy for my tasking then people will depend on me to fill their wants and desereé. What then do I do once I’m presented with a pressing passed my merit or mored. If I’m presented within the boundaries of persuasion to proceed in to progress with a plan or pictorial provocation I am to be rewritten with the practice even if I’m premature of my position.

On an earlier trip around the local town at Thirty minutes past ten in the morning as preferred to occur as the six o’clock seating with the church at the Elm In Ballyclare Base Town Area. I became aquatinted with new people who are welcome pastors to the town who took their time and choose words wisely in relation to his ways of conducting his idea of theological scripture. He asked for something that some castors of converse do. To ask for a presence and to take a moment with patience for his wanting. I don’t find that in any way strange or unwielding.

Gestures no matter how small are usually well informed incisive conclusions when asking or conversing in a group peer setting. On that morning sitting on the right hand row of blue foamed high back chair I thought something irregular was bringing up in the building people go to pray together for a choice of decided wellness. In my concurrent click of uninspired pausing i’ve realised that the moments shared in silence however undulating are a necessary part of our pronounced practice. Questions are unhelpful as is seeking for an answer, the speaker hadn’t prepared an ousting of information or any other comments than having a talk about his life, his family their relationship to one another and having someone related or close in the crowd dealing with those types of companions. In business and commerce these relationships ships are defined with the ability of the most helpful handling to the customers wants and needs of the concept and design in the practices they are professional in. Simply with asking for what’s required is the best & only way to move forward in life on your terms.

Much like the sermon at the the church the process in between the asking & receiving can become the patient process to practice our ability to wait with the intention of being given our prerequisite?

Perfect receptacles in a local coffee & catering shop in Ballyclare, Town Centre, Antrim Newtownabbey Borough Council, Northern Ireland.

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